External house insulation system

Insulate Britain has a valid point about house insulation. Their message delivery though is rather controversial. The matter of fact is house insulation is crucial to keep our bills manageable and the CO2 emission low.

External house insulation in Reading, preparing surface for attaching insulation boards

For your house insulation project Firstly you have to make sure the surface is dry, fairy straight and free of any debris or dust. READ MORE ...

External wall house insulation… if there are any doubts if your wall is ready to be insulated you should perform a test to see if the insulating boards will attach and most importantly stay on the wall safely for many years. To do this you should attach small pieces (20cmx20) of the boards in few different places on your walls. After three days try to pull them off and if the board will brake it means you are ready to go. If the board comes of together with the adhesive and part of the wall then it means you must remove the weak parts of the wall and render or paint.
The surface needs to be repaired if necessary.

Securing insulating boards to the external wall. READ MORE ...

Mixing the adhesive is as important as using the correct product. It can’t be too thick or too runny. The best quality adhesive allows attaching insulation boards without fixing anchors for at least few layers.
Adhesive must be always applied onto the board and never on to the surface of the wall and it is very important the it doest go in the gaps between the boards.
Any gaps between the boards must be filled with small cuts off the boards. Never fill the gaps with adhesive or any other filling as this will create a thermal bridge..

External house insulation being added for a client in Reading at the stage of attaching insulating boards
Reinforced mesh applied by Blue Fox Builders on Insulation boards

Next stage in insulating process is to apply the reinforced mesh. READ MORE ...

Its main job is to protect the insulation board form any mechanical damages. It is a good base for the new render. This process can be done not earlier than 2 days after attaching the insulation boards. If someone tells you otherwise, don’t use him as his main priority may be a quick finish of the job. We always follow the right procedures as we learnt over the years it is crucial for the highest quality thermal insulation.

After another two days we will return to apply the primer. READ MORE ...

Most imortant thing is to choose the right priming product for the right substrate. BlueFox Builders always use the higest quality products. Without it your new beautiful render may not stay for long.

House insulation almost ready... primer applied ready for render
Final product of house insulation for a client in reading made by Blue Fox Builders

Final step is render application !

You can chose from few finishes of render. You can also have plain colour ready for painting later or add a colour to the render.

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House insulation almost ready... primer applied ready for render
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