Buying a new home can be so overwhelming. There are so many uncertainties. You are spending your so hard earned money…and most probably have so many questions that need answering.

The only thing that is even tougher than buying a new home is buying a home which needs work doing to it…especialy if you don’t have much experience in building and you don’t know what to expect and where to start.

That’s when having trusted, reliable and experienced builders who can guide you every step to reach your goal and will help you achieve the desired effect at the end matters.


living room needs to be updated
kitchen in need of updating


Our most recent project was for a client in Reading who bought a dream house and who had the exact vision how to create a home but didn’t know how to achieve it.

The whole house was in bad condition and didn’t have any work done for a very long time…Blue Fox Builders helped completely renovate the house paying attention to every little detail, so our client could enjoy it to it’s full potential.

living room after updating it by BlueFoxBuilders
Kitchen installed and updated


We started with the kitchen. The old one had to be removed, walls and ceiling stripped completely. After doing all that we were left with an empty shell. Complete rewiring was done ensuring enough points were done for lovely spot lights some led lights to keep the atmosphere in the evening and power points for all the brand new appliances. We then installed new boiler and all new plumbing followed by a new ceiling, new skimming and painting it all in a mixture of white and also very nice grey colour. Putting together and installing kitchen was a pleasure as we worked with a highest quality materials which after completion give the extra satisfaction. The whole room was changed to a completely different place where you can comfortably and with pleasure spend time and cook lovely meals for the whole family.


Next on the list was bathroom upstairs. Taking into the consideration time and scale of the project we had to made sure that everything was planed ordered and executed perfectly. We once again striped the whole room to bare walls and started creating the dream…

Old bath was replaced with a lovely new and modern wet room with bespoke shelves for all necessary items which we need and which are never close enough during the shower. To make sure we fit lovely new vanity unit along with all other items and still have desired room we had to move door to opposite wall which was no problem for us as we new it will create a lovely space for our client. After doing absolutely gorgeous tiles we conected some lovely lighting to add the luxurious touch and feel.


This room was the biggest challenge as we had to make sure it is suitable for our client in every way it ca be. It was a very large room which needed to be divided in two to create a dinning area and relaxation area. After stripping it completely we redone all electrics, plumbing, including lovely new radiators and then we made a divider wall, but it wasn’t just a divider wall. We incorporated some clever shelving in both sides to add extra interest and to create some additional space.

We took out old fire place redone the whole space including installation of a new gas operated fire place and painted it black to add the intrigue to the dinning area. Opening dining newly created dinning room was achieved by removing the door frame to the kitchen and widening the entrance. It created a wonderfull space for our client.

New floor throughout the entire ground floor helped bring everything together and cleverly installed LED spot lights and LED strip lights will help spending quality family time with kids in the evening but also relax by yourself afterwards.

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